Taeo Tiger - Applique Pattern

Designed by Monica Poole Designs 


Taeo Tiger is assured, daring and fearless, another unique applique art design by Alaura Poole.



A fun fusible appliqué design that can be blanket stitched by hand or machine. Display your finished appliqué in a frame, make it into a cushion or even a quilt. 

This pattern includes 2 sizes:

Large: 50 cm x 60 cm (20" x 24")

Small: 30 cm x 40 cm (12” x 16”) Which is the same size as our Windows into Africa and Southern Sky collections.


Easy to kit for the large size

Background: 80 cm (We used a linen/ cotton blend)

Tiger: Fat ¼ of yellow/ orange/ red striped batik print

Leaves: 30 cm of multi coloured striped batik print


Taeo Tiger - Monica Poole Designs