Una Unicorn- Applique Pattern

Designed by Monica Poole Designs 


Una Unicorn is a collaboration between Monica and Alaura Poole. Alaura is a talented artist that sketches the design in minutes, her speciality is giving her characters a personality. Monica smooths out the lines making appliqué shapes that are easy to stitch around, she then turns it into a pattern that everyone can enjoy! 

This is the only appliqué pattern that includes 2 sizes:

Small finished size: 40 x 60 cm (16” x 24”) Great size to frame and hang on the wall.

Large finished size: 61 cm x 81 cm (24" x 32 ") Perfect for a quilt centre.

this pattern includes 2 sizes, details are shown in the back cover picture.




Una Unicorn- Monica Poole Designs