Beitrittsdatum: 21. Apr. 2022

Many losers prepare haphazardly. Ask winners you know how they prepare. Then develop a system that fits your specific needs

3. Use self-development “tools.”

Since your stronger opponents are using them, you can’t afford to do without books, articles, DVDs, coaching websites, personal coaches, and technological tools. It takes time to learn how to use some tools, but it’s a great investment.

4. Use checklists.

Hardly any poker players use this extremely simple tool. They may even regard checklists as a crutch for the feebleminded. “I don’t need them because I know what I’m doing.” Nonsense! Everybody occasionally forgets to perform an essential task. Create or borrow checklists to prepare properly and to ensure that you take all the steps you want to take.

Checklists are so important that commercial pilots and operating room teams are required to use them. If a pilot doesn’t check everything carefully, the engine may stop or the flaps may jam, and he crashes. If someone doesn’t make sure that all the supplies are available before an operation begins or doesn’t count the sponges and other things that go in and out of patients, they may die. If superbly trained professionals need checklists, so do you.

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